Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving Online Resources

Hey y'all! Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? Here are some of my favorite sites to use in class with my elementary tech students. I also enjoy using my Thanksgiving Digital Resource to start off my class on the days leading up to Thanksgiving. I love to listen to students and the things they are thankful for and watch them research and find new facts about Thanksgiving that they didn't know before!  

Happy Holiday Season! 
Be Thankful.

The First Thanksgiving: 

*Originally posted on 11/6/2016 on MrsTech's blog

Monday, November 6, 2017

iPad: Week 7 - Book Report Freebie

We are big into AR (Accelerated Reader) at our school and the teachers love to see students meet their AR goals. Since I'm not in the classroom full time, I have little to do with AR and goal meeting. I had a teacher ask me, though, if I had something that would allow students to "report" on books they were reading through the use of the iPads and an app. At the time, I didn't have anything made or really anything in mind, but I knew that I could come up with something.

If you follow Teaching With Appitude, you will see that she uses Pic Collage to do so many wonderful things in her classroom. Well I decided that I was going to make a Book Report Rubric to use with Pic Collage. I posted it FREE in my Teacher Pay Teachers store, so I just wanted to share it with you!

I ended up using this in many of my classes for them to share about a book that they have read that they really like. I just love reading their opinions on the books (and their summaries)!

Snatch up this freebie to use with Pic Collage in your classroom!
- Hilary 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

November Newsletter.

Can you even believe that fall is here and that Halloween has already passed? We are in full holiday time and I couldn't be more excited. How many of you have already starting Christmas shopping!? I know I have (even though my husband think's I'm insane). Well I just wanted to stop by and share with you some of the new products that I have in my store. 

This year, I got a new job as the iPad specialist (of sorts) at my new school. I am working on so many great iPad 1:1 activities, as well as lots of Digital Resources and my regular Webquest favorites. I share about what I am doing in my classroom with iPads very often on my blog. Check it out if you to see iPad tips, digital resources at work, and tips and tricks for your classroom. 

These are a few of the products that I am most excited about:

This bundle has 9 character qualities that the students should exude and has webquest links and iPad focused activities to learn about each one and show you what they have learned. There is also a link to a Kahoot to see how much they learned, as well as a YouTube channel link to show videos about the qualities. I introduced a new one each week for the first quarter of school. 

This GROWING bundle pulls out all the stops for my 1:1 iPad classroom. There are tons of activities for students to complete in many different apps (most of which are free). This is your one stop shop for incorporating technology via iPads in your classroom! 

There are some great new Digital Resources that I have added to my store that are worth checking out! These digital resources are to use with Google Slides which will download as a PDF with a link to the Google Document. These resources includes interactive activities to complete in small groups, or individually, as well as a webquest to learn about the topics at hand.

If you like to use webquests to teach about more holidays like Thanksgiving, then grab my bundle with resources for almost every holiday. It has over 100 pages of webquests with some fun bonus ones added! 

Or just grab a few to use with the specific holidays you had in mind.

Enjoy this cooler weather,
Hilary @ Mrs. Tech

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Easy Teacher Halloween Costumes

As we prep for Halloween, I wanted to share with you some super easy costume ideas that I have found that I think our students would enjoy. I have linked them all to their original source (if I could find it) so you can read any helpful hints they might have posted.


Smarty Pants

If You Give A Mouse a Cookie (& friends)

Monsters University

Winnie the Pooh Crew

Cookie Monster

Thing 1 & 2


What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
- Hilary 

Monday, October 23, 2017

Online Halloween Resources

I was looking for some fun online activities to do with my students, and I wanted to share a few that I came up with so that you can use some in your classroom too! 

Here are a few other Halloween ideas that I thought were cute & easy:

Monday, October 16, 2017

Elementary Tech Kahoot

Have you used Kahoot before? I wrote a whole blog post about how to use Kahoot and why I love using it so much. I love all the updates they have made in the past year, too! Now you can assign Kahoots for homework so students can work independently, and you can also play in groups or teams. Definitely check out the updates if you haven't!

I use this Kahoot each year with my upper elementary students. I also almost always use this one of the first days with my Middle and High school students, too. This is a Kahoot that covers Windows programs, identifying keys, software, hardware, and keyboard shortcuts.  It is all Windows based, as I said before, but it could be adapted to the command key instead of the shift key if you wanted to use other parts of it.

One thing I love about Kahoot is that you can edit it to suit your needs. I'm sharing the link to mine so that you can check it out and use what you want, and change what you don't like! If you aren't interested in mine, definitely check out other technology Kahoots out there! I've used some pretty great ones.

If you haven't played Kahoot lately, you should definitely check out Ghost mode. One thing I love about Ghost Mode is that you can have your students compete against themselves. Have them complete this Kahoot at the beginning of the year, and then test them again later to see how much they have improved.

Do your kids love playing Kahoot too?
- Hilary 

Monday, October 9, 2017

iPad: Week 6 - Webquests

Webquests are so fun! Do you know what a webquest is?

Basically, your students are given a website to go to (via QR code or website link) and go there to find answers to questions that they are asked. Webquests are a fabulous way to incorporate technology and for your students to search for information on a topic instead of you just telling them what they need to know!

As a technology teacher, webquests are one of my absolute favorite ways to share information with my students. You know how they say that students remember the information better if they find it for themselves? Well I am a firm believer in that!

This week, I asked each of the teachers for a topic that they are covering in their course. I then went and created a digital resource to go with those topics for their class. Some of them included articles to read, while others just linked to webpages or kid-friendly videos. Here are the ones that we used -

You can also have students fill them out on paper like I've done with classes previously. I've done ones on Daylight Savings, Sharks, Careers, American Symbols, Seasons, and all sort of Holidays

Part of what I love about webquests is how versatile they are. They can cover all of these different topics listed above and so many more. If you've never used a webquest in your classroom before, I highly encourage you to. I have a ton in my store or you can make you own on sites like Create WebQuest and Zunal if you want to have all of the information online. 

Hope you try them out,