Monday, May 7, 2018

iPad: Week 22 - Draw & Tell

One of my favorite parts of Draw & Tell is the freedom to have students draw freely. I love to use this for them to create a word picture while we are reading a book to keep their hands busy. It is also a fun way for them to just color for a brain break and to fill in a little free time while they wait for their other classmates to finish. Honestly, who doesn't love to color?! While they are coloring, they can also add clip art or extra designs to the picture and they can color in patterns - say what?!

If you want to see how I used Draw & Tell in my classroom, check out my resource here! Also, any of the other Duck, Duck Moose Apps (like Superhero HD) are pretty much the, too! 

Happy Drawing,

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

iPad: Week 21 - Lego Creator

Lego Creator is a game that all of my students have enjoyed working on over the course of the year. I originally found it as entertainment for my boys when I had a small group project that I was completing with my girls, but it has honestly been enjoyed by all. You essentially start out with an empty island and you collect blocks to use as currency to build up your island (and add future islands). Each time you are able to build something new, it gives the students choices on what they can pick. They really enjoy the creative part of it, as well as seeing how many blocks they can collect. (As you can see in the picture below, I hold the record with 1500+ :p) 

To read more about Lego Creator and see how you might use it in your classroom, check out my resource here

Happy Building,

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

iPad: Week 19 - Newsela

Newsela reminds me of an app that I used 5 years ago when I was doing my Student Teaching in a Special Education classroom. We used it often because we loved that we could so easily change reading levels. We also loved that our simplest readers could still read the current events that we were discussing. Honestly, I can't remember the name of that site that we used, but Newsela is so similar and I have loved using it in my elementary classrooms. 

I'm not going to go crazy in depth, but you can see that the premise of this app is the ability to assign articles for your students to read at their reading levels. They can also work on vocabulary and reading comprehension through the quizzes that are attached to many of the articles. There is also a feature on many articles that allows the article to be translated into Spanish. What a great tool for bilingual students/teachers. 

There are a variety of articles to choose from - kids, arts, health, arts & culture, science, government & economics, war & peace, science & math, world history, sports, etc. It is important to keep our upper elementary and secondary students somewhat in tune with what is going on in the world around them. It is also important for them to read news type articles and for them to have discussions about the truths and opinions in articles. This helps our students think for themselves and form their own opinions, which grows strong men and women in the future. 

For tips on Newsela & a good place to start, check out my resource here to help you get started. 

If you check out Newsela, let me know what you think!
- Hilary @ MrsTech

Monday, April 16, 2018

Earth Day Resources & Activities

Earth Day is April 22nd, and even though it is a Saturday, it is definitely something that you should plan to discuss with your students the week before or after!

There are some great resources out there to teach your students about Earth Day and it's importance.

If you like Digital Resources, be sure to check out my digital resource for Earth Day.

Happy Celebrating,

*Originally posted 4/17/2017 on MrsTechs Blog

Monday, April 2, 2018

Poetry Month Resources

Did you know that April is Poetry Month?!

There are so many wonderful poets and so many fabulous poems out there that this is definitely worth a discussion sometime throughout the month of April.

I have compiled a list of online resources/apps that are great tools to use during poetry month:
Word Mover App
Acrostic Poems App
Theme Poem App
Haiku Poem App
Shel Silverstein's Website 
Haiku Poems
Poetry 180 (for High School age)
Giggle Poetry
Poetry For Kids
Rhyme Zone
Scholastic Poetry site (make sure to check out the Poetry Engine)
Go here for Poetry Writing Forms

Check them out! I hope you found a new one you can use in your class this month!
If you do, let me know in the comments below :)

**Originally posted on MrsTechs Blog on 3/31/2016

Monday, March 26, 2018

Easter Online Resources!

Happy Easter! 
Hope that y'all are getting in the Spring spirit and that some nicer weather is coming your way! Do y'all get off for Easter? Do you have school the Friday before or the Monday after? Well if you do, these are some great resources to use as you discuss Easter in your classroom. 

Decorate an Egg
Easter Bunny Dress Up

When you're done playing all of these interactive games, check out my Easter Webquest, Easter Symbols Webquest, or my Easter Reflections Freebie!

Happy Easter,
Hilary @ Mrs. Tech

*Originally posted 4-10-2016 on MrsTechs Blog

Monday, March 12, 2018

iPad: Week 20 - Daily Wonder

As I look through the Daily Wonder App, which places a focus on kindness, I wanted to see what I could use this for in my classroom. Here are a few ideas that I came up with to build a better classroom community: 
  • Journal prompts – display or write the daily wonder on the board. Have the students journal each day either virtually or on paper about the prompt (quote). Collect it weekly as a completion grade – this is great for check it at the end of each quarter and spot check for 2-3 entries completed.
  • Quote of the day – explain what this quote means to you or how it can change the way that you act today/think moving forward
  • Class Discussion – use these quotes as you see fit to engage the class in discussion. I always love to hear what the quotes mean to each students, so have them share. You could pick a different student to read the quote each day and share what it means to them, or you could read it and just popcorn the students answers
  • #Choosekind weekly tip – have the students complete this each week as part of a grade or a challenge. For my students, we made ‘kind’ posters, and they got to write the date they completed each challenge. We are trying to see how can be “most kind” this year. 

You can get more information and my resource for the Daily Wonder app here

Happy Wondering,