Thursday, November 17, 2016

Plickers {Formative Assessment}

Plickers is a super great resource for assessment at any point in your lessons. Basically, each student is assigned a piece of paper that is linked to their name on the teachers side. At any point, you can ask a question from the app, and scan the students papers across the room and read their answers. It's real time formative assessment and couldn't be any easier. I just have my students keep their QR code (plickers paper) in their pencil box or in a book that's always at their desk. Within a minute, I can ask the question and know where students stand on if they are getting it or not. You can download the cards for Plickers for free and the app is available on Google Play store or the App Store and is so easy to use.

Seriously y'all, you won't be disappointed. The learning curve is basically nonexistent and it takes very little prep work on your end. Such an easy tool to start using and you'll wow your principal the next time they come for an observation.

Try it out & let me know what you think,
- Mrs. Tech

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  1. This works great in K! I was shocked! Thought it would be too difficult but the students LOVED it!