Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Santa's Village

Ever have those days when you see something and feel the urge to use it immediately? Well I had that happen to me this morning. My internet pulls up Google whenever I want a new webpage, and today I saw something I hadn't noticed before. See that little link that says, "Skydive with Santa and boogie with elves"? Well click there!
When you open it up, it looks just like Santa's Village. And check out that countdown until Christmas - that makes it automatically perfection. There are new activities added throughout the countdown to Christmas, but the activities that are there are already fabulous. 

Here are some of the activities that are included on Santa Tracker {and they are adding new ones every day!}:

Educators: You can find all of the games that will be available here AND you can find lesson plans at the bottom of the same link (pictured below). 

Have fun & enjoy these Christmas activities,
Mrs. Tech 

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