Thursday, April 6, 2017


Webquests are so fun! Do you know what a webquest is?

Basically, your students are given a website to go to (via QR code or website link) and go there to find answers to questions that they are asked. Webquests are a fabulous way to incorporate technology and discuss digital safety with your students!

As a technology teacher, webquests are one of my absolute favorite ways to share information with my students. You know how they say that students remember the information better if they find it for themselves? Well I am a firm believer in that!

I would say that over 50% of my TpT store is webquests simply because I believe so strongly in them and in how my students learn by using them! There are a wide variety with many more to come.

Check out some of the ones I have by clicking on the links below:
Animal Research
Sports Research
3 Branches of Government
50 States
Presidents of the US
Periodic Table of Elements

If you want to try one out, here is one that you can use for Easter. It sells in my store for $1, but is available here for my blog followers!

Have you ever used web quests in your classroom? Do you like them?
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  1. These look great. Can you believe I have not used webquests with my first graders?!?! This is on my to do list for sure. You've inspired me! Would your webquests work for first graders? They LOVE QR codes.

    1. It would definitely depend on the reading level of your first graders. I have used them with first graders I have in tech towards the end of the year, and most have been very successful. This particular freebie takes facts that are listed bullet point style and has them dissect an answer from the statement. They are pretty much word for word so it should work for them!

  2. That's a great way to teach our little one to use technology correctly. Thanks for sharing.

  3. webquests are always an engaging activity with unlimited possibilities.

    1. Yes! That is a huge part of what I like about them!