Monday, October 24, 2016

THE BEST Election Resources

With the election getting closer, I thought I would share some websites that I have found that have great election activities for students!

I Side With - Great for older students to see which candidate holds beliefs closest to their own
Newsela - Student Voting (taking place now!)
Scholastic - Meet the Candidates
Scholastic - Road to the White House 
Scholastic - Electoral College Map
American History Vote - History & Future of Voting
PBS - Meet the Candidates (also check out Election Central for more tools)
iCivics - Win The White House (iCivics also has lots of great lesson plans available about elections)
Education World - Election Activities

And always, if you have a BrainPop membership, check out their awesome videos about voting, elections, and the Branches of Government (free).

Don't forget to get out there and vote :)
-Mrs. Tech

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