Saturday, October 29, 2016

Skip Counting Freebie

Skip Counting is such a fun skill to practice once you have learned it. I remember struggling to learn skip counting, and that it was a difficult concept to grasp at first. I remember saying the numbers between each skip count at a whisper until I figured out which came next.

One of the ways that I remember learning was using feet to count by two's (you can also use eyes), fingers to count by 5's, and hands (both hands = 10 fingers) to count by 10's. This was just an introduction to it and something that stuck with me 20 years later.

Task Cards are one of my favorite ways to learn and assess student learning. Here's a special skip counting freebie just for you :) Enjoy!
-Mrs. Tech

Below are some fun ways to practice skip counting with I Have Who Has games. Click on them to download them from my TPT store.

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