Thursday, May 18, 2017

Computer Keys & Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are so helpful and I know I use them all the time. They are one of the things that I love to cover with my students in the technology lab. Although they are not necessities, I think that they are helpful and fun to learn about.

SCOOT is such a fun game to play with task cards and this group of SCOOT cards is Keyboard Keys focused. This SCOOT covers keyboard key functions as well as keyboard shortcuts.

Another fun way to review keyboard key functions and shortcuts is with a game of I Have Who Has. This is a fast paced game that calls all students to pay attention as your review the content that is covered.

If you want a bonus activity, make sure you check out my Computer Study Webquest to have students learn all about computers, how they originated, and to brainstorm what the future holds for this technology.

If you take your kids to the computer lab, make sure to check out my Desktop Reminders Freebie.

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