Monday, May 15, 2017

Microsoft Word Resources

Hey teachers -
Do you teach your students how to use Microsoft Word? I know that many schools use tablets instead of full on computers, but if you still use computers, Word is such an important program to teach students how to use. Even if they grow up to use Google Docs (or whatever program has come out in 10+ years when our kids are in the workforce), they will still benefit from the skills they learned when operating Microsoft Word.

As a K-12 technology teacher, I have used many different Microsoft Word activities that I have found on TpT, online, and all around. I created a few to fill in the gaps where I couldn't find what I was looking for.

This Microsoft Word Game is a fabulous FREEBIE and is a fun way to start teaching your students about Microsoft Word, to use as a refresher, or to introduce Microsoft Word for the very first time.

This Microsoft Word Introduction is the next step after the game - it starts with the very basic skills and tells students how to navigate Word to learn the basics.

Definitely check these out before you conquer Microsoft Word with your students!

Happy teaching,

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