Monday, February 20, 2017

Formative {Classroom Assessment Tool}

Formative (like Socrative) is a great assessment tool that can be used to quiz/test or review with students from an online platform. It is so easy to use and is quick to navigate on the teacher side. The longest part will be the amount of time you have to spend inputting the questions, but as soon as a student hits the submit button, it will grade it for you. So think about it - spend an hour putting in the quiz (that you can use for years to come with a little updating) and no grading time or still spending the time creating the quiz and making copies of it, and STILL having to grade. Please. This is just common sense. 
One of the main differences between Formative and Socrative (shown in the video linked below) is that Formative is mainly focused around in class use and isn't used much as a summative assessment tool. One of my favorite formative features is that you can upload a picture of a diagram and have students label different parts of it while you sit there and watch. Or you can upload a picture of a state and ask them to point out where the capital is or where you are. While watching students, you have the ability to rate their work on a scale of 1-10 so they can adjust as needed.

There is a class code that you share with your students so that they can quickly access the questions that you are asking them. I have my class code written at the top of my board and labeled with which website it is too. My students know to look there if they need it so that class doesn't stop when I ask them to complete a question on Formative. This really is such a great assessment tool to know where your students stand in the middle of your lesson or unit.

Try it out & let me know what you think,
Mrs. Tech

*If you are more of a visual learner, check out my "how to" video on using Formative, as well as some way to use it in the classroom.

**If you want to have your students try out Formative, download this tool that walks you through the set up and where to find all of the tools that you need.

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