Monday, February 6, 2017

Wonderopolis {Answer Generator}

Wonderopolis is a fun tool to answer all of those crazy questions that your students answer that you don't really have answers to. It is all fact based information and has such a wide range and variety of questions that they answer. A lot of times when students ask me questions that go beyond our textbook, I direct them here to find answers. 

You have two options to inspire your inquiries:
  1. Explore Wonders: There will be a list of top things that people wonder or the ones that are popular today for you to look over
  2. What are you Wondering?: You can search for anything. Ask it any question or insert a topic. If there isn’t an answer to your question, they will list similar topics. If you aren’t happy with similar topics, you can scroll down on the homepage to the option where it says “Make YOUR wonder a wonderful reality – Add your Question to the Wonder Bank” and add your wonder to be answered.

Two things I LOVE about Wonderopolis:
  1. There are always sources cited at the bottom to share where the information came from
  2. If you hover over any highlighted word, it will give you the definition  

Try it out & let me know what you think,
Mrs. Tech

*If you are more of a visual learner, check out my "how to" video on using Wonderopolis, as well as some way to use it in the classroom.

**If you want to have your students try out Wonderopolis, download this tool that walks them through step by step directions on how to search for anything they wonder.

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